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Security from the platform up

Coda’s Packs platform is built with security features from the ground up and provides transparency on how each Pack uses your data. Plus, Packs run in a dedicated and isolated environment, that is covered by everything that already makes Coda secure: SOC 2 Compliance, data encryption, data access controls, and more all come standard with Coda.

See the full security details of Coda Packs.

Security features

Packs are executed in our secure, cloud-based Packs sandbox environment. Here’s what that means.

Restricted network requests

Coda ensures Packs only connect to their specified domains.

This Pack connects to one domain

Secure authentication, handled by Coda.

Coda handles authentication credentials on behalf of the Pack. Pack code, Pack makers, and other doc users never have access to raw credentials. Credentials are stored encrypted at rest.

This Pack uses OAuth2 to allow users to securely log in using their own credentials.

Authorization URL:

Token URL:

Only the data specified, and no more.

Packs only have access to the categories of third-party data that they declare, which you can confirm when connecting a third-party account.

This Pack can only access the following data categories on your behalf, via the external API.

4 data categories requested from this service. OAuth scopes requested:


Packs only have access to the Coda data that you provide to Pack building blocks, and cannot access any other content from your doc.

Help & Resources

Any issues or questions? Contact the Pack maker for support at [email protected]

You can manage and remove your connected accounts from Coda at any time at

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