2020 January – Products Roundup

Just a list of cool products I found last month which I have been trying and find useful.

Most of them are from PH Kitty Awards: Product Hunt Kitty Awards 2019.

SaaS Tools


Lempod helps you grow your LinkedIn post views and interactions from real people at $5/month.

As we know, LinkedIn is an efficient marketing channel for B2B products, especially SaaS, Lempod is such a great tool to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn at the beginning.

How LemPod was built


Google Hangouts / Zoom meets Teamviewer. A video conferencing tool that allows all the participants to interact on your own web app, Google Slides, Websites, Notion,… in real-time.

Why this? RemoteHQ makes your team meetings, sales demos, support calls, training sessions, e.g. interactive

  • Sales Demo with your prospects: instead of “Let me show you how to do it”, “Let’s do it together, I will guide you”
  • Support Call with your customers: “Hmm, can you reproduce it?”, “Let me show you how it works”
  • Team Meetings: Let’s brainstorm this idea together

Productivity Tools

Muzli Search

A new feature from Muz.li to help designers search for inspirations lightning-fast

I searched for Pricing Page templates


Record, edit, mix, collaborate and master your audio and video with AI.

If you are doing podcasts or videos, this AI sh*t is going to blow your mind. It turns something complex like Podcast/Video editing into something easy AF, watch the video yourself.


Control everything with one easy shortcut

  • CMD + Alt + K: “Turn off the light” -> Turn of the light
  • CMD + Alt + K: “Tell my girlfriend that I’m gonna be late” -> IFTTT/Zapier -> Send message
  • CMD + Alt + K: Whatever…

The future is here

Wanna Kicks

An AR app to help you try shoes with your phone.


AI Yoga, who needs to Yoga class anymore while you can do it with Skynet teacher at home!

Wicked Ball

You don’t need to play with your pets anymore, this is an R2 for your pets…

Netflix Hangouts

Lol, this is fricking hilarious! Basically allows you to watch Netflix in a small window of a conference call…

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