You are a product, managing yourself is like managing a product

After years of building products, I found some amazing relations between managing products and managing myself.

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Give yourself a vision so you know where to go, a strategy so you know how to reach there efficiently.

You can do anything but not everything, build yourself a roadmap to prioritize ruthlessly what to learn and what to do in your life.

Say “no” to things and people that waste your time and don’t help you reach to your vision.

Define the problems to be solved and become the most valuable solution in the market.

Have your own goals and metrics to measure your success.

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Build up your skills and your career moat so you have sustainable competitive advantages in the job market.

Broaden your network to understand your market, competition and get support.

Write a resume and get into an interview is like pitching your value propositions, what solutions you want to offer.

Dress well to improve your UI, wear a smile to give a better UX.

Keep learning to improve your functionalities and usability.

Workout to make your infrastructure more scalable and maintainable.

Self-reflection is your changelog. Do it frequently.

Be data-driven, even you want to lose your weight, you need to step on the scale everyday until you reach the number you want.

Don’t please everyone

From my friends

Also, Upgrade oneself to better versions 😊. Publish the upcoming features as new year resolutions 😄

Kankana Choudhury

Product: Remove features that very few users use to declutter your interface Person: Remove clutter that you haven’t used in a while to declutter your mental space Product: Observe user behaviour and gather data for better decisions Person: Get a mentor who can observe you and give unbiased advice

Kranthi Kiran – Founder

Network more to integrate with other software

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