How to break into Product Management (WIP)

Build Something

  • Participate in a Hackathon / Weekathon, build and launch your own product, build up your network.
  • If you have a non-tech background, write a proposal, find some friends in tech, cooperate with them to build your own stuff.
  • If you have a tech background, you can either form a team or go solo, build your own app, release it to the market.

Read Product Books

I always recommend reading books over articles or random short-videos since it provides you a better big picture and foundation.

Start with the starter books in A Library of the Best Product Management Books for Product Managers

Take a course

There are not many quality courses out there, the best course in the market I can only recommend is Reforge

Find APM or Product Internship Role

Find a company, especially startup, that has Sr. Product Managers that are willing to help grow aspiring PM with their existing skillset.

Internal Transition

Ask your managers if they can assist you in trying out the PM role.

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